Locating Advice On Logical Solutions Of Online Fashion

Jun 11, 2017

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Not to be outdone, Amazon countered by lowering the minimum purchase threshold for free shipping from $35 to $25. While these may not seem like Black Friday discounts, it’s a savings arms race worth watching. As retailers get more creative and aggressive, they will be fighting with discounts to get your business. Target has a different approach, it is creating a test store, also in Houston, with two entrances. One focuses on speed and convenience; the chain’s most purchased items are stocked up close to the entrance, and grab-and-go food options are available too. The other entrance leads to a more traditional Target browsing experience. And it’s not just superstores fighting back: Fashion brands are looking at technologies that bring online shopping features into the dressing rooms and makeup counters. The Oak Lab's Oak Mirror senses the items you take into the dressing room and lets you see other color and sizing options available in the store. It has an option for requesting a sales associate bring them to you so you never have to leave the dressing room. If the items you want are not available in the store, you can use Apple Pay on your phone to buy the items via the mirror and have them sent to your house.

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